Hand-Roasted Coffee

How do you take your coffee?

Are you a bleary-eyed black coffee drinker in the morning and a cappucino in the afternoon sort of person?

Do you use a cafetiere or have you branched out to an Aeropress? Or, are you an instant coffee convert looking for a slightly more luxurious caffeine hit?

Different coffees for different people.

Where in the world?


The majority of the world’s coffee is grown between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, in an area most commonly known as the ‘Bean Belt’. Yet, while this area surrounds the Equator, the coffee beans produced in each country vary wildly. From sweet and chocolatey in Brazil, to earthy Sumatran beans, no one coffee is the same.

Browse our range of coffees to find a choice to suit you. Whether you prefer a lighter decaf blend or a full-bodied espresso, we have a full spectrum, hand-roasted to order.

Letterbox Coffee Tips

1. Keep your coffee in a cool, dark place, in the resealable bag that we send to you.


2. Do not refrigerate or freeze: this will cause moisture to form inside the bag and damage your product.


3. Purchase as much as you will consume in one month, to avoid your coffee going stale. One 250g bag will provide around 30 cups of coffee.


4. Read our handy brew guides (coming soon) for how to create the perfect cup of coffee for your preferred brew choice. Make sure to experiment – practice makes perfect, after all.


5. Try a range of coffees before you settle on a favourite: Each of our coffes has a distinct strength and flavour, with sublte notes changing dependent on the brew method and whether you drink your coffee black or white.

But what makes our coffee special?

Our trusted team of Speciality Micro Roasters hand-roast each coffee in small batches, guaranteeing precision of quality and maintaining the natural characteristics of each coffee bean.

Our suppliers use only the highest quality beans available each season, with a preference for Certified Organic Fairtrade beans, helping to ensure the poorest farmers get a share of the market.

Six choices.
No fuss.