Drinking Chocolate

Quality Cocoa…


We offer a range of organic, full-bodied drinking chocolates that use only the finest cocoa. Each cocoa variety has its own unique subtleties of flavour, providing a rich drinking experience; free from uneccesary added ingredients to complicate the taste.

Our dark drinking chocolates will arrive with paired chocolate buttons. Add at your own discretion to intensify the flavour.

our hot chocolates

letterbox blend

A full bodied and intense hot chocolate with a rich mouth feel. Made from 100% ground chocolate.



A rich dark drinking chocolate with a fine, earthy taste and impressions of cinnamon and tropical fruits.



A rich, red cocoa with hints of red wine and bitter fruit notes. Smooth and full-bodied flavour.



Fruity and aromatic citrus notes, with a rich intensity typical of Tanzanian cocoa grown in the Usambara hills.


deluxe tasting set

The perfect gift for any chocolate lover. A mix of our three single origin drinking chocolates, with added extras.