Matcha (30g)

What is matcha? 

Matcha is a very fine powder produced from green tea, traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Brought into mainstream consumption in recent year it can now be found in smoothies, juices, lattes and cakes.

Why is it so special?

Unlike most tea produced in Japan, Matcha is hand picked. Before it is picked it has been shaded for at least the previous 20 days.  These leaves are then steamed but not rolled, they are stripped of the stem and veins and ground into a very fine powder. This means when we drink matcha we are ingesting the whole leaf not an infusion of the leaf.


Matcha can be an acquired tastes, not everyone like the pure drink straight away much like coffee. Why not try adding your milk of choices and/or some honey or sugar?




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How we make it

  • Put 1.5 matcha spoons or half a normal teaspoon of matcha powder into your bowl
  • (If you have time you can warm the bowl and whisk beforehand but we know the morning routine doesn’t allows allow such extras! you can also sieve the powder through a fine mesh if you like)
  • Add approx 1/4 of a matcha bowl or 60ml of 80C water
  • Whisk vigorously in a W pattern to make a froth
  • Drink!


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