Loose Leaf Tea

Not quite sure where to begin?


Usually an English Breakfast with milk and sugar sort of person? Don’t fear!

Try our ‘Tasting Set’ – you will receive a selection of our 4 favourite teas with our online brew guide especially written for each tea to help you make the best cuppa for you. For a limited time, you will also receive a free tea ball infuser – so there’s no excuse to continue using plastic teabags.


Don’t know your Wu Dong from your Oolong?

Then you’re not alone. Here at Letterbox Infusions, we are determined to prove that it doesn’t take a tea expert to brew a delicious cup of interesting and flavourful tea.

With each tea purchase you will receive a brew guide for your chosen tea, offering a suggestion of how much tea to use per cup, how long to steep your tea and even the ideal water temperature. 



Often our guides will provide measurements in grams but if you don’t have accurate scales, don’t fear – a teaspoon will do the job!

All of our brew guides provide measurements in teaspoons, as the average teaspoon holds around 3 grams of tea. Adding more (or less) tea will affect the strength, so do have a play around and find what works for you. For example with many Assams and Breakfast blends, a dessert spoon can be used to produce a stronger cuppa.



The strength and depth of flavour will depend on the length of time you choose to steep your tea. 

In general, the longer the brew time the stronger the flavour. But be careful: many first attempts at brewing of Green Teas can result in disaster, unless you like the taste of hay.

Be patient with each tea to ease out the strength and flavours that suit you palate. Use the guide to begin with but don’t forget to experiment to find the best brew for you!



Water temperature can be important when producing the best cuppa. For example, an English Breakfast comes to the fore with boiled water but at that temperature a Green Tea tastes bitter.

Kettles with temperature controls are available but most don’t have this feature. Alternative methods to achieve the right temperature are:

  • Mix cold water into boiling  (approximately 50ml to 150ml of boiling to get 80°C)
  • Leave the water to cool before pouring over the leaves (approximately 3 minutes after boiling).

Let us take care of your tea leaf needs.

We will bring you the best tea experience directly through your letterbox. Receive a personalised selection of 4 teas every month suited to your needs. 

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